School House System

From Reception all pupils belong to one of four houses. Siblings are usually placed in the same house.

The houses are named after the following saints:

House House Colour Feast Day
St. Catherine Yellow 13th February
St. Cecilia Green 22nd November
St. Mary Blue May
St. Ursula Red 21 October


On each of the feast days the house members may wear their house colour hair accessories to school. The day begins with a House Mass, to which all House members contribute.

Pupils may gain points for their houses for academic achievement, conscientiousness, following in the footsteps of St Angela and 'Serviam'. Each half term the points are collected and the winning house is presented with the House Trophy.

There are also inter-house sports and other activities.

St Angela

As our Founder, St Angela is the overarching saint that we honour in school, and we especially remember her on her feast day, 27th January, when all pupils and staff honour this day with a Mass in school and a sweet treat in the afternoon.